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Who we are

Everyone asks us how the Merch Million was born and so we started writing...

True Story

What Tennent's do

It was a beautiful summer evening, around one in the morning, Vincenzo De Martino and Vincenzo Laudiero, around Naples after a few too many Tennent's, in our early twenties, we decided to start an e-commerce of fashion accessories, bracelets , watches, necklaces etc. The next day, despite the hangover, we began seriously researching items we could start selling online. We created the site, published on Facebook and Instagram and immediately started working very well. In a few months we invoiced what we never thought of but it wasn't all gold....

The fall

Taken by the desire to do, we didn't think about the many aspects that an entrepreneur must take into account, inexperience prevailed over our desire to do and we found ourselves with enough debt. The creditors bombarded us with phone calls and we literally didn't have a euro in our pockets, it was a delicate and very difficult situation. The nights following the heavy fall were darker than ever, we couldn't sleep a wink anymore. During the day we locked ourselves in the office, we looked like zombies, with no ideas and our minds no longer able to think until we saw some light.

The Promise and the Rebirth

The mother of one of the two partners knew how to sew, she has a past as a seamstress. We therefore decided to sell an embroiderer we had in the office and went to ask if it was possible to have two sewing machines to start producing some sweatshirts. They gave us the ugliest and oldest cars and we only had a few euros left in our pockets. We went to buy some fabric to produce these much desired Hoodies and as soon as we returned to the office we tried to cut the fabric and sewed this first sweatshirt. Spectacular! We started not sleeping due to happiness and the strong desire to recover. We made a promise to ourselves: "We have to get rich brother after what we've been through" "Millionaires, Millionaires , Millionaires " here the brand will be called " Million"

November 2019

We defined the logo and started printing the very few sweatshirts produced with the fabric we had bought the day before. We suggested them to a friend's shop, he put them up for sale and BOOOOM! It seems to be a success! We immediately went and bought more fabric and made sweatshirts from morning until 1 am. The demand began to increase day by day and the first hirings began.