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Logo Million

2019: the first Million collection is released

It hits.

We decide to believe it, even stronger.

We insist.

Day after day, month after month, the brand takes more and more shape, consolidating itself until it becomes an established reality in the Italian street and urban wear scene.
Our concept moves along two paths: the Basic lines, which represent our Origins and the point from which we started, and are the anchor point of our brand.
And the drop releases, Limited products through which to narrate a daily life often inspired simply by a colour, a sensation or a sound, which thus take the form that we consider their natural evolution: the resistance of a tracksuit, the warmth of a college, the comfort of a sweatshirt.
It is precisely around these latest products that our core business is concentrated, which transforms comfort into high craftsmanship, daily routine into a stylistic figure.

Driving everything is the concept of Yin and Yang, the contrast between good and evil, light and dark, which inspires us for the use of largely neutral shades.

Each of our outfits tells an emotion, an adventure: most likely, the one you have yet to experience.


[We are young, we are stubborn, we are arrogant. But we are right.]

We have taken Italian craftsmanship and pushed it to the extreme: making it run through the streets, dive off cliffs, climb mountains. We let ourselves be inspired by the world around us, and we created a style that was the best synonym of our daily life: the one we have always lived.
At the base of our concept there is an essential design, but able to underline our identity: a unique but collective identity.