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Article: Who we are

Chi Siamo

Who we are

We wanted at all costs to give you an excellent product, worthy of Made in Italy, at an affordable price. We succeeded, only after failure.
Vincenzo De Martino ('92) and Vincenzo Laudiero ('95) in their early twenties, both from Naples, one summer evening after a few too many Tennent's we got the idea of ​​opening an e-commerce. We started almost as a game with little change and after almost a year, inexperience made us make big mistakes, we found ourselves without money, without a company and with €150,000 in debt.
It was just before Christmas, usually in those periods family members get together to play cards and be together on Christmas Eve and Christmas evenings, we said we weren't there those days because we didn't even have a euro in your pocket.
We were left with some fabric, two sewing machines and an incredible desire to start again and recover what we had lost. We came up with the brilliant idea of ​​making a sweatshirt with our own hands, luckily we also had some material for the prints and we produced a hundred of them. We sold them immediately, and then bought more fabric to produce other sweatshirts again, this went on for a few months. In these months obviously we didn't receive anything, we used all the proceeds to buy other goods in order to be able to work more and more and to pay off the famous debts we had.


Today we find ourselves with one of the most beautiful factories in southern Italy, with the highest safety standards, with a few dozen employees, indeed we prefer to call them brothers. Because they are now the beating heart of our business. We've never had funding or asked for help from the state because we really wanted to get by on our own. If we were able to create a huge debt and go bankrupt why couldn't we be able to recover? Now we walk with our heads held high, because the old debts no longer exist and the company is growing strongly every year in terms of turnover.


After the umpteenth disappointment and with the anger of when we had destroyed, we promised ourselves to become a point of reference for low-cost clothing and to invoice a few million in the first years after the bankruptcy. So Million as millions to bill


We still carry every minute of that period inside, and it will be a lifelong lesson. Because maybe that's what destiny wanted for us, it wanted to teach us a lot in the first years of activity to have stronger shoulders in the continuation of the activity. What we want to shout the most is: If you have a dream, a wish you would like to realize, don't give up on the first obstacles, persevere, continue on your way until you get what you wanted. Not just in the workplace but in everything. Persevere in whatever you think is good for your life.

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